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Call of the Penguins

Preț: 47.94 lei
  • Carte in stoc la furnizor
  • Livrare estimativă în 30 zile
Cod produs: 418366
Autor(i): Hazel Prior
Editura: Editura Black Swan
Anul aparitiei: 2021
Nr. pagini: 400 pagini
Limba: engleza
Tip coperta: necartonata
ISBN: 9781784166243
Categorii: Carti in Limbi Straine, Fiction, General & Literary Fiction, Modern fiction, Carti in Limba Engleza, Carti
'The perfect fireside read. Veronica McCreedy will capture your heart' TRISHA ASHLEY, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Christmas Invitation'So beautifully written by a born storyteller'LORRAINE KELLYMeet the heroine everyone's talking about . . . Fiercely resilient and impeccably dressed, Veronica McCreedy has lived an incredible 87 years. Most of them alone, in her huge house by the sea.

But Veronica has recently discovered a late-life love for family and friendship, adventure and wildlife. More specifically, a love for penguins!And so when she's invited to co-present a wildlife documentary, far away in the southern hemisphere, she jumps at the chance. Even though it will put her in the spotlight, just when she thought she would soon fade into the wings.

Perhaps it's never too late to shine?_____Readers are falling in love with Call of the Penguins!***** 'A life-affirming, warm, comforting book to help you feel cosy.' ***** 'This story really warmed my heart.' ***** 'A book to lift the spirits.'

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