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Christmas Day. One moment to bring everyone together at last...

Preț: 53.94 lei
  • Carte in stoc la furnizor
  • Livrare estimativă în 30 zile
Cod produs: 418351
Autor(i): Sara James
Editura: Editura Orion Publishing
Anul aparitiei: 2021
Nr. pagini: 384 pagini
Limba: engleza
Tip coperta: necartonata
ISBN: 9781398704121
Categorii: Carti in Limbi Straine, Family, Home and Practical Interests, Family & Health, Christmas books, Carti in Limba Engleza, Carti
'Wonderfully evocative and richly layered, I couldn't put it down' Alex BrownPainful secrets have kept them apart... could Christmas bring them together at last?London, 1984. Lori and Roland.

Anna and Jude. Young, attractive and carefree, these two couples are inseparable friends. Holidaying together in France seems like the perfect idea... until one reckless mistake tears them apart. Sydney, 2019. Ceri doesn't know the strange man who introduces himself as a friend of her parents.

Her relationship with her mother was already fraught with tension... but now she needs answers. Because this man says he's her biological father.

Born on Christmas Day, Christmas has always been an extra special time for Ceri. As it draws near, can she find a way to unravel the secrets of the past... and protect her family?A rich and warm-hearted family drama, perfect for fans of Fern Britton, Emma Hannigan and Cathy Kelly.

Readers love Sara James' family drama Mothering Sunday:'I read this book in one sitting!' 'A beautiful read' 'Such a joyous story' 'A real page turner' 'This is a book to escape into'

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