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Formula B2 First Exam Trainer without key

Preț: 62.10 lei
  • Carte in stoc la furnizor
  • Livrare estimativă în 30 zile
Exam Trainer Book with Digital Resources and App

- Works either as a standalone component or in combination with the Formula Coursebook.

- Easy-to-use preparation in the order of the Cambridge exam, working systematically through each paper and part, from Reading Part 1 to Speaking Part 4

- A Test, Teach, Test approach for each part of each paper.

- Each section starts with a mini practice task (Test) that reflects the Cambridge exam, which is followed by extensive and focused strategies and skills exercises for improving performance in the exam (Teach) and ends with a full-length, authentic-style exam task (Test).

- Includes a full, authentic-style Cambridge exam paper, with audio.

- Access to digital resources, including course audio and video, as well as the Pearson Practice English App and the Exam Trainer Interactive eBook

Exam Trainer Interactive eBook with Digital Resources and App give access to:

- the interactive version of the Exam Trainer.

- Learners can complete activities and access audio and course video wherever they are.

- Learners interact with texts and activities by highlighting, making notes and adding text boxes.

- Improve the accessibility of pages by increasing font size.

- Includes Check Answers and Show Answers functionality.

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