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Formula B1 Preliminary Coursebook without key

Preț: 104.10 lei
  • Carte in stoc la furnizor
  • Livrare estimativă în 30 zile
A dynamic approach to exam preparation with new topics lesson-by-lesson.

- Eight units with each lesson covering one part of each paper from the Cambridge exam and with an exam focus and authentic practice task in each.

- A fold-out Exam file booklet in the back of the Coursebook containing Exam boost exercises for improving exam performance.

- The Grammar File gives a full page of detailed grammar and language explanation, plus a full page of practice activities for every unit.

- The Vocabulary File provides a comprehensive wordlist for the whole unit as well as further practice activities.

- The Writing File provides both example exam questions and model answers for each Writing part, as well as extra help and practice.

- Each exam part lesson links to the Exam Trainer component for more focused skills and strategies building in that same exam part.

- Access to digital resources, including course audio and video, as well as the Pearson Practice English App and the Coursebook Interactive eBook.

Coursebook Interactive eBook with digital resources and App:

- interactive version of the Coursebook

- learners can complete activities and access audio and course video wherever they are

- interact with texts and activities by highlighting, making notes and adding text boxes

- improve the accessibility of pages by increasing font size

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