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Discourse Studies in Practice
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Cod produs: 392715
Autor(i): Sorina Chiper
Editura: Editura Institutul European
Anul aparitiei: 2020
Nr. pagini: 212 pagini
Limba: engleza
ISBN: 9786062402891
Categorii: Filosofia limbajului si comunicarii, Filosofie / Logica, Carti, Limba Engleza, Invatare Limbi Straine
From Table of Contents:

◊ The Discourse of Romanian Universities

◊ Unpacking Local Council Meetings: a Sociolinguistic Approach and Its Lessons for Participatory Democracy

◊ The Discourse of Corporate Social Responsibility in a Critical Perspective: Corporate Identity in the Mining Industry

In more recent times, discourse analysis, often called critical discourse analysis, has expanded both in depth and in scope. It has become clear that discourse does not only serve specific goals, but plays an active role in framing our very understanding of life and reality. Thus, the perspective is no longer personal, sender to receiver and vice versa, but also (cross)cultural [...].

In her article "Grice`s Conversational Maxims in Intercultural Communication: from a Discourse-Based Approach to Communication Ethics" (this volume), Sorina Chiper says: "What I find missing in textbooks of intercultural communication is analyses of actual chunks of conversation". She is certainly not the only researcher to feel this need and her book deserves praise for supplying exactly that. Here are specific and detailed analyses of specific real-life communication and the analyses involve a range of aspects from meaning and connotation to ideology, politics and economy.

Steen Schousboe Emeritus, Department of English, University of Copenhagen