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Pregnancy Haiku

Preț: 10.00 lei
  • Carte în stoc
  • Livrare estimativă în 2 zile
No sooner did Eugenie Olson announce her first pregnancy than friends and relatives started showering her with books - from the famous tome detailing all that could go wrong week-to-week to the jokey "Hey, girl!" book, from thoughtful takes on hypnobirthing and raising a brilliant baby to glitzy gift books. But there was little to both lift her spirits and make her laugh as her ankles puffed and her hormones raged - and that could be savored at one page per sitting, since her energy was nonexistent. And so she wrote the book she needed most. Pregnancy Haiku is for every mom-to-be who has stared wistfully at a pair of shoes she could no longer fit into, has raced to the ladies room every two minutes, or has wept over a TV commercial featuring puppies. Its 100 hip, humorous haikus put a refreshing spin on pregnancy s universal challenges, from morning sickness and maternity clothes to mood swings, forbidden foods, and, yes, sex.
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