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Cod produs: 249396
Artist(i): OST
Casa de discuri: Varese Sarabande
Format: CD
Cod produs: 4005939721220
Stil: Coloane Sonore, Muzica, Diverse
1 Heaven and Earth
2 Fire up the shuttle
3 Unauthorized entry
4 Deportation
5 Darkness
6 Things to come
7 You said you'd do anything
8 A political sickness
9 Arming projectile
10 Zero injuries sustained
11 I'd like them dead
12 You have no idea
13 The raven
14 Let the girls out
15 I don't want to die
16 Matilda
17 Step aboard
18 Heading to Elysium
19 Keep them busy
20 When he wakes up
21 We do the hanging
22 Kruger suits up
23 The armory
24 I'm right behind you
25 Fire and water
26 The gantry
27 Breaking a promise
28 Elysium
29 New Heaven, new Earth
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