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Titanic ( Collector's Anniversary Edition
Produsul nu mai există nici în stocul nostru nici în al furnizorilor și sunt șanse minime să redevină disponibil.
Cod produs: 249293
Artist(i): James Horner
Casa de discuri: Sony
Format: CD
Cod produs: 886919642520
Stil: Coloane Sonore, Muzica, Diverse
1 Never An Absolution (Stereo)/Horner, James
2 Distant Memories (Stereo)/Horner, James
3 Southampton (Stereo)/Horner, James
4 Rose/Horner, James
5 Leaving Port (Stereo)/Horner, James
6 Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch' (Stereo)/Horner, James
7 Hard To Starboard' (Stereo)/Horner, James
8 Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave (Stereo)/Horner, James
9 The Sinking (Stereo)/Horner, James
10 Death Of Titanic (Stereo)/Horner, James
11 A Promise Kept (Stereo)/Horner, James
12 A Life So Changed (Stereo)/Horner, James
13 An Ocean Of Memories (Stereo)/Horner, James
14 My Heart Will Go On/ Dion,Celine
15 Hymn To The Sea (Stereo)/Horner, James

1 Titanic Suite (Instrumental)/Kyrkjeb?, Sissel/Hayes, Tommy
2 An Irish Party In Third Class/Gaelic Storm
3 Alexander's Ragtime Band (Instrumental)/I Salonisti
4 The Portrait (Instrumental)/Horner, James (Klavier)
5 Jack Dawson's Luck/Horner, James
6 A Building Panic (Instrumental)/Horner, James
7 Nearer My God To Thee (Instrumental)/I Salonisti
8 Come Josephine, In My Flying Machine/Brennan, Maire/Horner, James
9 Lament (Instrumental)/Horner, James
10 A Shore Never Reached (Instrumental)/Horner, James
11 My Heart Will Go On (Dialogue Mix)/Dion, Celine
12 Nearer My God To Thee (Instrumental)/Horner, James
13 Epilogue/The Deep And Timeless Sea/Kyrkjeb?, Sissel-Kings College Choir, Cambridge

1 Valse Septembre/I Salonisti
2 Marguerite Waltz/I Salonisti
3 Wedding Dance/I Salonisti
4 Poet And Peasant/I Salonisti
5 Blue Danube/I Salonisti
6 Song Without Words/I Salonisti
7 Estudiantina/I Salonisti
8 Vision Of Salome/I Salonisti
9 Titsy Bitsy Girl/I Salonisti
10 Alexander's Ragtime Band/I Salonisti
11 Sphinx/I Salonisti
12 Barcarole/I Salonisti
13 Orpheus/I Salonisti
14 Song Of Autumn/I Salonisti
15 Nearer My God To Thee/I Salonisti

1 It's A Long Way To Tipperary/McCormack, John
2 Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Halfway House Dance Orchestra
3 Vilia/Lombardo, Guy
4 My Gal Sal/Bullock, Chick & His Levee Loungers
5 Oh! You Beautiful Doll/Foster, Chuck
6 Martha/Rollini Trio
7 In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree/Ellington, Duke
8 Waiting At The Church/Kay, Beatrice
9 Frasquita Serenade/Kirby, John
10 Shine On Harvest Moon/Kemp, Hal
11 From The Land Of The Sky Blue Water (alt.take)/Bailey, Mildred
12 Loch Lomond/Sullivan, Maxine
13 A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight/Mole's Molers, Miff
14 Nearer My God To Thee/Eddy, Nelson
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