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Girl, Aloud

Cod produs: 227526
Autor(i): Emily Gale
Editura The chicken house
Anul aparitiei: 2009
Limba: engleza
ISBN: 9781906427207
Categorii: Teenage romance, Fiction, Children and Educational Books, Carte straina, Carti in Engleza, Carti
Pret: 48.93 lei
Disponibilitate: in stoc furnizor
Livrare estimativă: 30 zile

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Kass Kennedy is in trouble. Her dad has finally lost it and entered her for the X-Factor, which would be ok if 1) she could sing, 2) any tiny bit of her wanted to be a star and 3) she wasn't in a crisis over losing her 2 best friends over a boy. A bitter-sweet story for teen girl readers. 'Difficult issues treated with intelligence and gentle humour, and complex, lovely, real characters' Jaclyn Moriarty.
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