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UK at the centre of the European Economy

Preț: 35.00 lei
  • Carte în stoc
  • Livrare estimativă în 2 zile
Cod produs: 200851
Autor(i): Radu Serban
Editura: Editura Ecou Transilvan
Colectia: Academica
Anul aparitiei: 2013
Nr. pagini: 325 pagini
Limba: engleza
ISBN: 9789738099289
Categorii: Afaceri / Economie / Bani, Relatii economice internationale, Carti
Radu Şerban is a senior Romanian diplomat who has spent a good deal of time in both, and brings to his book a coolly neutral appraisal of the UK's difficult relationship with the EU, and indeed with continental Europe.

True to his trade as a diplomat who has handled some complex economic issues - he helped negotiate Romania's membership of the EU - Şerban doesn't skate lightly over the facts and figures of UK-EU relations. His book is a useful handbook for sorting fact from fiction.

There are, I should confess, one or two areas where I found myself raising my eyebrows and wondering whether I had failed to spot significant developments, or whether Ambassador Şerban's vision from his present posting in Tokyo was bending the picture a little....His chapter on Gibraltar as the great British tax haven came as a surprise, but possibly because I'd thought they began much closer to home with the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, and then stretched westward to the Caribbean.

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