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Big Questions From Little People Answered by some very big people

Preț: 86.90 lei
  • Carte in stoc la furnizor
  • Livrare estimativă în 30 zile
Cod produs: 183962
Autor(i): Gemma Elwin Harris
Editura: Editura Faber and Faber
Limba: engleza
ISBN: 9780571288519
Categorii: Carti in Limbi Straine, English Language Teaching (ELT), Carti in Limba Engleza, Carti
Why is the sea salty? How far away is space? Why can't I tickle myself? What makes me me? But how are we supposed to answer them? This title is suitable for those who wants to understand the complexities of life, the universe and why cakes taste so nice. A collection of real question from primary school children, each answered by a high profile thinker or expert in their field. It will raise money for the NSPCC, and is published with their support. The 150 questions range from: Who was the first person? to Do aliens exist? and How does fire get on fire? The experts include Brian Cox, Heston Blumenthal, David Attenborough and many others.