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Family and Friends 1 Class Book and MultiROM Pack

Cod produs: 186890
Autor(i): Naomi Simmons
Colectia: Family and Friends
Anul aparitiei: 2009
Nr. pagini: 111 pagini
Limba: engleza
ISBN: 9780194812078
Produsul nu mai există nici în stocul nostru nici în al furnizorilor și sunt șanse minime să redevină disponibil.


Mixed media format

No other course offers you the same benefits as Family and Friends.

The exceptionally strong skills training programme includes a focus on real speaking and writing output.

Plus - the amazing package of integrated print and digital resources suits all teaching situations and learner types, supporting students, teachers, and parents.

Use it with Little Friends and First Friends to make it an eight or nine-year course.

This pack includes:

  • Class Book
  • MultiROM

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