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Stories We Tell Ourselves: Making Meaning in a Meaningless Universe

Preț: 59.94 lei
  • Carte in stoc la furnizor
  • Livrare estimativă în 30 zile
Cod produs: 408474
Autor(i): Richard Holloway
Editura: Editura Canongate Books Ltd
Anul aparitiei: 2021
Nr. pagini: 272 pagini
Limba: engleza
Tip coperta: necartonata
ISBN: 9781786899965
Categorii: Carti in Limbi Straine, Humanities, History, History of specific subjects, Social & cultural history, Carti in Limba Engleza, Carti
Throughout history we have told ourselves stories to try and make sense of our place in the universe. Richard Holloway takes us on a personal, scientific and philosophical journey to explore what he believes the answers to the biggest of questions are. He examines what we know about the universe into which we are propelled at birth and from which we are expelled at death, the stories we have told about where we come from, and the stories we tell to get through this muddling experience of life.

Thought-provoking, revelatory, compassionate and playful, Stories We Tell Ourselves is a personal reckoning with life's mysteries by one of the most important and beloved thinkers of our time.

29.90 26.91 lei -10%
In stoc
98.93 lei
Stoc furnizor
108.92 lei
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