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Grigorescu (editie in limba engleza)
Pret: 3300 lei
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Cod produs: 385809
Editura: Editura Monitorul Oficial
Anul aparitiei: 2017
Nr. pagini: 180 pagini
Limba: engleza
Tip coperta: cartonata
ISBN: 9789735679675
Categorii: Arta / Fotografie, Arte plastice, Pictura, Biografii / Memorialistica, Arta / Cultura, Carti
It is the feeling that colours, not the brush. You can colour with a piece of coal, but all the tubes in the world cannot give you the blue of a flax flower unless you have it in your soul. (Nicolae Grigorescu)

This is the testimony of a painter for whom art means revelation, experience, not skill or contrivance. Grigorescu’s paintings have life, because life is what inspired them. In a practical format, easy to browse, the album includes a generous number of illustrations, some of them unknown to the public, being at the first appearance in print. The biographical text accompanying them follows the interweaving of the artistic activity and the most important moments of Nicolae Grigorescu’s life. Through quotations, the artist’s voice almost always accompanies the story, turning it often into confession. And there are also the comments of those who knew and admired him, the pen of the critics or art historians over the years.


  • "A plastically embodied emotion"
  • Master Nicu (1838-1861)
    "I am a peasant’s son and proud of it"
    The little "big" iconographer
    The charm of distance
    Church painter
  • Journey in search of "colour" (1861-1877)
    Towards Paris, to study
    Entrance to the forest of Fontainebleau
    Experience of impressionism
    Fellow Latin countries
    First exhibitions at home – a controversial artist
  • Reporter with a brush (1877-1878)
    An artist in the line of fire
    War in Grigorescu’s colours
  • Disappointment and creation (1878-1887)
    Alienation. Refuge in Vitré
    Poetry of the female face
  • Last season (1887-1907)
  • Chronology
  • Bibliography
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