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Prospects (Super Advanced - Student's Book)

Cod produs: 32728
Editura: Macmillan
Colectia: Student's Book
Nr. pagini: 163 pagini
ISBN: 9781405003780
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Prospects is a course for learners of English at secondary level. It has been specifically written for students in Central Europe. It is designed as a multi-level entry course enabling teachers to choose the entry point according to their students' needs and experience. Each level offers learners a strong grammatical base. A variety of motivating and stimulating activities give students the opportunity to consolidate their learning. The topics have been specifically chosen to appeal to teenagers and reflect their interests and ambitions. Prospects Super Advanced is for students who have a solid foundation in English and offers: - new language introduced through interesting and unusual topics; - dynamic and realistic structure presentation and practice; - development and activation of all four linguistic skills; development of skill in literary appreciation and criticism; - vocabulary development; - authentic texts from varied literary sources; - grammar reference section; - special Talking Points sections.

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