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GeoPolitica - Geopolitical, Political Geography and Geo - Strategy Magazine. Year XIII nr. 59 (1/2015). The Saudi Rising Power - from Regional to International

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Coordonator(i): Vasile Simileanu
Editura: Topform
Anul aparitiei: 2015
Nr. pagini: 210 pagini
Limba: engleza
Categorii: Geopolitica, Politica, Carti
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Lichidari Februarie 2019

Vasile SIMILEANUSaudi Arabia – a New Vision ARGUMENT

Prince Saud AL FAISAL Facing Global Challenges in a Spirit of Determination INTERVIU

Vasile SIMILEANUInterview with His Excellency Bogdan AURESCU, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Vasile SIMILEANU Interview of His Excellency Abdulrahman I. AL RASSI, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mihai Bogdan MĂRGINEANU Interview with Brian MORAN GEOPOLITICS

Vasile SIMILEANUKingdom of Saudi Arabia: Pivot or Regional Power Centre?

Geoffrey COOK The Kingdom of the Saudi Family

Abdullah ALOTAIBISaudi Arabia on the Global Level: Responsibilities and Commitments

Anghel ANDREESCU, Nicolae RADUSaudi Arabia, a New King, a New Beginning

Saleh Abdullah AL RAJHISaudi Foreign Policy: the Arab Dimension

Saud AL TAMAMYSaudi Arabia’s Role in the Islamic World

Isam MAHGOUBSaudi Arabia and Romania – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Scattered Thoughts, Paradoxes and Realities of the Bilateral Relations

Răzvan MUNTEANU, Dragoş TîRNOVEANUThe Bucharest – Riyadh Axis: Cooperation and Development Towards a Stable Regional Environment GEOSTRATEGY

Abdullah F. ANSARYThe Principal Steps Taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Combat Terrorism, the Financing of Terrorism and Money Laundering

Raluca COŞEA”Foreign Fighters”

Romulus HâLDANNaval Forces of Saudi Arabia on the Threshold of Decisive Modernization CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION

Yusuf MURAT Pilgrimage to Mecca

Glauco D’AGOSTINOArchitecture in Saudi Arabia: an Exciting Challenge amidst Traditional Islamic Features and Technological Development

Mircea Codruţ MARINSaudi Arabia – Dealing with Cultural Diversity Issues

Mihai Bogdan MĂRGINEANURomanians in Saudi Arabia GEOECONOMY

Vasile NAZAREThe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Geopolitics of Oil

Dan Marcel BĂRBUŢOil Politics of Saudi Arabia

***The National Institute of Aerospace Research and Development ”Elie Carafoli”: INCAS Bucharest

Ionuţ PURICĂSaudi Arabia and Romania: Complements and Similarities

Severin CĂZĂNESCU, Dan Ion OPREA The Long Term Environment-Production Puzzle’s Solution as Sustainable Bridge between Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and European Union


Marius DINCĂIslamic Type of Banking and Finance in the Middle East UNIVERSITAS

Monica MUŢU”Ion Conea” Geopolitical Association (AGIC)

Michael-Bogdan MĂRGINEANUKAUST, a Beacon for Science and Technology in the Middle East and the World

***The European Romanian-Pan-Arabian Cultural Center

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