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Best Of Bond,James Bond (50th Anniversary Edt.)
Produsul nu mai există nici în stocul nostru nici în al furnizorilor și sunt șanse minime să redevină disponibil.
Cod produs: 249574
Artist(i): OST
Casa de discuri: Casa de discuri Universal Music
Format: CD
Cod produs: 5099923281820
Stil: Coloane Sonore, Muzica, Diverse
1 James Bond Theme (From Dr. No)
2 From Russia With Love (Mgm Version)
3 Goldfinger (Main Title)
4 Thunderball
5 You Only Live Twice (Main Title)
6 On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Main Title)
7 We Have All The Time In The World (From On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
8 Diamonds Are Forever
9 Live And Let Die (Main Title)
10 The Man With The Golden Gun (Main Title)
11 Nobody Does It Better (From The Spy Who Loved Me)
12 Moonraker (Main Title)
13 For Your Eyes Only (Main Theme)
14 All Time High (From Octopussy)
15 A View To A Kill (Main Title)
16 The Living Daylights (Main Title)
17 Licence To Kill (From Licence To Kill)
18 Goldeneye (Single Version)
19 Tomorrow Never Dies (Full Length Version)
20 The World Is Not Enough (Album Version)
21 Die Another Day
22 You Know My Name (From Casino Royale)
23 Another Way To Die (From Quantum Of Solace)

1 Dr. No's Fantasy (From Dr. No)
2 Under the Mango Tree (From Dr. No / 2003 Remastered)
3 007 (James Bond Theme)
4 Opening Titles Medley: James Bond Is Back/From Russia With Love/James Bond Theme (James Bond Theme)
5 Into Miami (From Goldfinger / 2003 Remastered)
6 The Laser Beam (From Goldfinger / 2003 Remastered)
7 Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (From Thunderball)
8 Switching The Body (From Thunderball / 2003 Remastered)
9 Capsule In Space (From You Only Live Twice)
10 Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown (From On Her Majesty's Secret Service / 2003 Remastered)
11 Bond Smells A Rat (From Diamonds Are Forever / 2003 Remastered)
12 Fillet Of Soul-New Orleans/ Live And Let Die/ Fillet Of Soul-Harlem (Medley / 2003 Remaster)
13 Underground Lair (2003 Remaster)
14 Hip's Trip (From The Man With The Golden Gun)
15 The Pyramids (From The Spy Who Loved Me)
16 Cable Car And Snake Fight (From Moonraker / 2003 Remastered)
17 Make It Last All Night (From For Your Eyes Only)
18 The Chase Bomb Theme (From Octopussy / 2003 Remastered)
19 Snow Job (From A View To A Kill)
20 Where Has Everybody Gone (From Where Has Everybody Gone / 1992 Remastered)
21 If There Was A Man (From The Living Daylights / 1992 Remastered)
22 The Experience Of Love (From GoldenEye)
23 James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-version)
24 Surrender
25 Time (Album)
26 Vesper (From Casino Royale)
27 Time To Get Out (From Quantum Of Solace)
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