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New Perspectives on English Grammar

Cod produs: 214216
Autor(i): Nadina Visan, Ruxandra Visan, Daria Protopoescu
Editura Institutul European
Colectia: Cursus
Anul aparitiei: 2014
Nr. pagini: 264 pagini
ISBN: 9786062400712
Categorii: Limbi Straine, Limba Engleza, Carti
Pret: 40.00 lei
Disponibilitate: in stoc
Livrare estimativă: 3 zile

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Content (Selection):
◊ The English Indicative Tenses ( Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Simple, Past Perfect)
◊ Means of expressing futurity
◊ Aspectual oppositions in English
◊ Indirect speech and the sequence of tenses
◊ Aspectual and temporal adverbs
◊ The Passive Voice
◊ Solving tense/aspect translation problems from English into Romanian

New Perspectives on English Grammar is the result of many years of experience in teaching courses of English linguistics, for the benefit of both students and teachers. Understanding the workings of tense, aspect and voice is, without doubt, a prerequisite for a good command of the English language or for the effective teaching of English grammar. The authors aim at offering a synthetic presentation of the main topics regarding tense, aspect and voice, based on the most recent approaches in the field. The present volume is meant both for those who wish to get a better grasp of essential points of grammar (intermediate level students), as well as for those who strive to master fundamental points of grammar (teachers and advanced students). The theory is made palatable by generalizations and contrasts which are relevant for the grammar topics under investigation. New insight is offered by sections that focus on difficulties of translation met by Romanian learners. Each chapter contains a practice module which double-checks if the grammar topic has been fully understood.

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