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CPE Use of English : Student s Book
Pret: 5700 lei
Disponibilitate: in stoc
Livrare estimativă: 2 zile

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Cod produs: 212854
Autor(i): Virginia Evans
Editura: Editura Express Publishing (Uniscan)
Colectia: CPE
Limba: engleza
ISBN: 978-1-4715-1596-5
Categorii: Engleza avansati, Limba Engleza, Invatare Limbi Straine, Carti
Level: Proficiency
CEF Level: C2

CPE Use of English is aimed at advanced students of English who wish to polish up their skills in the difficult grammatical areas of structures and usage. Clear presentation of all grammatical points relating to the CPE Use of English (exercises in the Use of English and Reading Paper) is followed by exercises, consolidation activities and Use of English practice tests in the same format as those in the CPE Use of English. The book, designed for classroom and individual use, aims to prepare students for the CPE examination as well as other examinations at the same level of difficulty.

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