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Topics in mathematical modelling of life science problems
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Cod produs: 177249
Autor(i): Constantin Popa, Stelian Ion
Editura: Editura Matrixrom
Colectia: Matematica
ISBN: 9789737557728
Categorii: Carte Scolara, Matematica, Manuale scolare
Global Event Analysis and Cluster Algorithm for Jet Stud-
ies - Danut Argintaru and Eliodor Constantinescu
Sparse Template-Based Image Segmentation and Shape De-
composition - Dirk Breitenreicher, Jan Lellmann, Stefania Petra, and Christoph
Cellular Exclusion Algorithm for Parameter Estimation with
Applications in Biological Models - S.G.Cruceanu and D.Marinescu
Mathematical modelling of metals mobility in the soil root
zone - Stelian Ion
terative methods for numerical solution of the multicom-
ponent mass transfer equations - Gheorghe Juncu, Aurelian Nicola and Constantin Popa
Electrical Activity of the Heart by Numerical Simulation - Alexandru M. Morega, Alin A. Dobre, Mihaela C. Ipate, Mihaela Morega
Analysis of missing causes of failure in competing risks in
the context of the Larson and Dinse approach - M. Alina Nicolaie
Advanced Modeling of an Internal Combustion Engine Structural Problem - Emil Oanta, Cornel Panait, Marina Vasile
Approximating Functions of Vertical Atmospheric Temper-
ature Prole - M. Sammany, E. Pelican, H. Al-Najar
Electromechanics of Solid Continua subject to a Bias - Olivian Simionescu-Panait
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