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Autor(i): Laura Visu-Petra
Editura: Editura Asociatia de Stiinte Cognitive din Romania
Categorii: Psihologie, Carti

Chapter 1 - Theoretical and empirical cornerstones in executive functioning research

1.1. A controversial concept: Philosophical and paradigmatic underpinnings
1.2. Paradigmatic perspectives upon EF: Possible explanations for the conceptual heterogeneity
1.3. A multifaceted construct: EF subcomponents in developmental research
1.4. Some clarifying options

Chapter 2 - A standardized developmental neuropsychological approach to EF

2.1. General developmental trends in EF
2.2. Study 1: A developmental neuropsychological approach to EF using the NEPSY battery
2.3. General discussion

Chapter 3 - Executive (dys)functions in developmental neuropathology: The case of childhood epilepsy

3.1. Introduction
3.2. Study 1 – EF in childhood epilepsy: a heterogeneous group approach
3.3. Study 2: An idiographic approach to neuropsychological correlates in childhood epilepsy
3.4. Conclusions

Chapter 4 - A piecemeal approach to EF during development: the case of short‑term memory (STM)

4.1. Introduction
4.2. STM development
4.3. Study 1: A longitudinal macro-analysis of STM span between 3-10 years
4.4. Study 2: Dynamic insights from a longitudinal micro-analysis of verbal STM span between 3-7 years
4.5. General discussion

Chapter 5 - The impact of anxiety on working memory development (WM) during the preschool years

5.1. Main conceptualizations in WM research
5.2. WM and anxiety
5.3. Study 1: Anxiety and STM: performance on simple span tasks
5.4. Study 2: Anxiety and WM: performance on complex span tasks
5.5. Study 3: The impact of anxiety on visual-spatial STM, WM and LTM
5.6. General discussion

Chapter 6 - Executive functioning in conditions with genetic etiology: Memory performance in the case of Down syndrome

6.1. Introduction
6.2. Study 1: Verbal vs. Visual-spatial stm in children and adolescents with Down syndrome
6.3. Study 2: Visual-spatial memory (LTM, STM and WM) in children and adolescents with Down syndrome
6.4. General conclusions

Chapter 7 - Putting the pieces together: Inhibition, shifting and working memory in typical development

7.1. Introduction
7.2. Study 1: A longitudinal study of preschool EF
7.3. Study 2: A cross-sectional study of school-age EF in relation to academic outcome
7.4. General discussion

Chapter 8 - Executive functioning development: Conclusions, implications and future directions

8.1. Points of theoretical convergence and divergence
8.2. Empirical and theoretical contributions of the thesis
8.3. Practical implications and future research directions

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