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Say Yes! Workbook 1 with CD

Cod produs: 218403
Editura: MM Publications
Colectia: Say Yes
Anul aparitiei: 2000
Nr. pagini: 88 pagini
Limba: engleza
ISBN: 9789603790112
Preţ de listă: 25,00 lei
Preţul nostru: 22,50 lei
Economisiţi: 2,50 lei (10%)
Disponibilitate: in stoc furnizor
Livrare estimativă: 20 zile

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  • Well-organised multi-dimensional syllabus combining grammar, vocabulary, functions, topics and communication skills
  • Well-balanced, clear and concise units focusing on language presentation and practice, as well as skills development
  • Stimulating topics taking into consideration the learners’ age and interests
  • Language presented through appealing and motivating texts of various types
  • Stories with likeable modern characters in realistic settings and factual texts which provide learners with information on the real world
  • Vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation presented and practised in special sections
  • Development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in an integrated way through communicative activities that approximate real-life tasks
  • Five revision units for consolidation plus projects, songs and self-evaluation charts
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