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Reward (Intermediate - Teacher s Notes)

Autor(i): Simon Greenall
Colectia: Teacher's Notes
Nr. pagini: 147 pagini
Limba: engleza
ISBN: 0435242474
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Reward is a multi-level course designed to take students from their first introduction to English up to a fully proficient use of the language. Reward offers unique choice and flexibility in teaching and learning English. The 40 Lessons and 8 Progress checks of the Student's Book provide a core syllabus of a minimum of 70 hours' work. The Resource Packs contain optional communicative activities linked to the Student's Book, which can be used to supplement lessons, revise specific language and structures, and provide variety in class. The cross-cultural contexts of Reward provide stimulating input and encourage discussion, making learning interesting and relevant to today?s world. The clear organisation, with each lesson on a double-page spread, means the book is easy and enjoyable to use.

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