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Skills for First Certificate USE OF ENGLISH (FCE - Student's Book)

Skills for First Certificate USE OF ENGLISH (FCE - Student's Book)

Colectia: Student's Book
Nr. pagini: 160 pagini
ISBN: 1405017511
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Skills for First Certificate Use of English provides thorough and comprehensive training in language and exam skills for students preparing for Paper 3 of the Cambridge First Certificate in English examination. The Student's Book includes: - 16 thematic units, covering each part of Paper 3 in turn; - task-based exercises focusing on grammatical, lexico-grammatical and lexical items; - 12 complete Paper 3 Use of English practice exams, conforming to UCLES specifications; - systematic approach to word formation (prefixes, suffixes and irregular forms); - extensive use of past exams database, ensuring that all key items are covered; - exam know-how, providing easy-to-understand exam tips, hints and approaches; - Phrasalperfect, providing key First Certificate phrasal verbs development; - grammar focus, providing further essential First Certificate grammar practice; - list of collocations and patterns and How to do... reference section at the back of the book; - phrasal verb reference section with definitions from the Macmillan English Dictionary for advanced learners;

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